How much does a project with winplan++ online cost?

Please find below a sample calculation for a project in Cologne involving construction costs in the amount of EUR 10 million, 15 project participants and a term of 24 months:

  • Costs per participant: 626 €

  • Costs per day: 12.86 €

  • Daily costs per participant: 0.86 €

Please decide for yourself whether a structured and documented plan and document management system for your project is worth 86 Cent per day and participant?

All prices are quoted excluding the statutory value added tax currently in force in Germany.

Please note that costs in this amount only incur for the first project. As the number of projects increases, both the costs for the project setup and the ongoing project costs decrease.

The prices mentioned above refer to the specified example. However, there is no need to worry: For projects involving higher constructions costs or more participants, the prices do not increase proportionally – instead, they only rise very moderately. If your parameters differ from the example above, please request an individual offer!