BIM - Building Information Modeling

Thanks to the cooperation with our partner GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany, we are able to offer you the entire functionality and advantages of a modern BIM project room with winplan++ online xD and Squirrel xD.

Interfaces between both programs make it possible to represent and manage all important BIM data of your construction project and make them specifically accessible to your project partners. This is up-to-date planning and building – feel free to use it for your next project. 

The following features are available: 

  • Upload of IFC models to the BIM project room Squirrel xD via winplan++ online xD
  • BIM Viewer for the 3D representation of the model 
  • Separate visualization of the various part models 
  • Management of part model versions 
  • Filtering by attributes 
  • Generation of different views (coordination views)
  • Workflow component
  • Generation of new models (IFC files) from the coordination views 
  • Option to link plans, documents, defects, and tasks in winplan++ online
  • Visualization of differences between model versions 
  • Support of BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) for collision checking, generation of workflows, etc.


Optimization of operating costs and resource consumption

  • Reduction of maintenance costs thanks to (partly) standardized components
  • Proactive and cost-optimized planning of repair and maintenance work
  • Centralized documentation of system changes


  • Model-based construction processes
  • Ongoing deadline management and cost controlling as well as object-based billing
  • Automatic billing and quantity determination
  • Model-based management of supplemental services
  • Visualization of construction phases


  • Digital stocktaking
  • Object classification and modeling of infrastructure
  • Links to existing data
    from existing systems


  • Interdisciplinary planning using one common model
  • Links to cost and
    deadline information
  • Model-based simulation of variants and change management
  • Efficient test and release cycles
  • Use of standards
  • Visualization in order to increase acceptance by public and facilitate cooperation with political authorities