Mobile Access winplan 2.0 App – Your Project in Your Pocket

The future of mobile plan and document management is winplan++ mobile.

Thanks to our mobile solution winplan++ mobile, you can now enjoy the advantages of effective plan management on your mobile telephone! You are on your way to your next appointment? You want to access the latest plans and documents of your project while standing on the construction site? You are away from your computer? No problem anymore.

winplan++ mobile always keeps you up to date, even when you are on the go. No matter where you are – simply login using your smartphone and get a quick overview of all important project data: new plans and documents, logs and defects, important notifications, tasks to be completed. Register construction defects that have occurred directly on-site and immediately forward photos and data in order to speed up damage repair. Thanks to the smart search features, you can find any data you are looking for in a flash. You can choose to preview plans and zoom in on them. Communicate directly with all project participants and make sure that things are moving at a faster pace!

Our web application currently runs on all iPhones and Android smartphones as well as on devices that support HTML5.

winplan++ mobile offers the following features: 

  • Selection of all projects stored on the server 
  • Clearly arranged start screen showing the five most important features 
  • Simple and quick navigation in the project structure 
  • Clear arrangement of all plans, documents, logs, and defects 
  • Comprehensive details for each entry 
  • Graphical preview feature with zoom option 
  • Option to open linked data, e.g. PDF files
  • Custom display of latest tasks 
  • Easy creation and completion of tasks 
  • Presentation of all participants and their personal data, including search, phone and mail feature 
  • Quick search in all plans, documents, logs, and defects
  • Detailed search enabling any kind of combinations 
  • Easy creation of logs and defects 
  • Available in several languages 
  • Option to save custom settings

Experience a completely new dimension of information. Never again will you be lacking the decisive plan when you inspect the construction site or accept the work. Instead, you will always have any and all information concerning your project handy: current, clear and complete. Right in your pocket. Thanks to winplan++ mobile.